Lost in the berries...

April 10, 2023

Hi! Deb here!!

I'd like to start off by saying that it would be pretty impossible to get lost on a cranberry bog. Where they can cover a large area, the vines are not very tall. There's a slight chance you might get tripped by a tangle of vines if you were dragging your feet, but you can clearly see in all directions when you're out there. So, my chosen title is very figurative.

Next... I'd like to share something personal. I'm not sure who's interested in knowing, but I am a person who struggles with depression and anxiety. I believe I experienced my first depressive episode at age 6, but I was surely in the throes of it in my teenage years. With lots of prayer and help from my loving God, I was able to learn to manage my challenges and raise my 3 amazing and wonderful children. And for whatever the reason, now, as an empty-nester and newly married person, I can't seem to remember how to apply any of the life tools and skills I worked so long and hard to hone. I still remember what I should do but I can't remember how to do it. It's all really very discouraging and confusing. And, if I dare say, dumb...

So, that's why I've chosen to use the word "lost" in my title. Because I have become lost in a sense. And I'm wondering if sharing my experiences in writing will help me to find my way back to functional. And healthy. And maybe even thriving.

But what will I share? And will it make any difference...

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I sure do hope you’re happy with Doug. His dad is my first cousin. I always thought he deserved a life partner who made him happier.
I also wrestle with depression and anxiety and PTSD. So I hope we can get better acquainted.

Jeaneen Quinby McGaw-Naffin

Learning to navigate…


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